About Me - Neil Porter

When time allows, outside of the day job and life in general, I love getting out with my camera to capture the world around me - from minute flowers to vast landscapes, day or night , rain or shine....there is always something interesting to capture.

Sharing my best images on here so that someone can hopefully find that perfect match for their home or office space. 

I get such a huge buzz when my image is the one that has caught someones attention over the huge number of prints that are out there.

I haven't got a favourite style of photography as such - although if pushed I do lean towards night photography, the lights, the colours - something about it all really appeals to me. 

Thank you for visiting my website - I hope you have enjoyed looking through my work as much as I have capturing it and sharing it with you - and perhaps even found something you would love for yourself whether that is on a large print for your living room or a mug for your morning coffee. 

All the best