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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

The Colour Run

The colour run is based on the Hindu Holi festival of colour held in March each year - its something that has always struck me as being a wonderful thing to try and capture (the Holi festival) but given how far away it is I decided I would try and get to the closest equivalent in the UK and kept an eye out for the Colour Run event.

I was really pleased to see it was being held at the NEC in 2014, just down the road from my house so a perfect spot.

The runners head across a 5k course & at 1k intervals they get doused in one coloured powder - but given I am not really a runner I didn't see I could get to all of these stations very after speaking with one of the hosts they explained that at the end of the race the whole crowd gathered by the stage and had one big multi-colour throw.

So I set myself up about 30 feet from the crowd and waited as they counted down to throw their sachets into the air...and out of around 50 shots of that moment this picture is the one that was just perfect - no wind in the air so the dust just hung there and created a real stunning mix of colour.

It always makes me smile when I see it...remembering the buzz and amazing atmosphere of the crowd.

The next thing in my sights is a night time colour run in London with glow in the dark powder...hoping to make it to that this year.

If you would love to have this print in your home or office the link is below

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