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National Bird Day

Well today is apparently National Bird Day so it is surely worthwhile me sharing a few of my favourite photographs of birds over the years. 

They aren't really something I particularly focus on with my photography - just if I happen to have the opportunity to capture one I will do, which is why mostly there are Robins or birds of prey from visiting sanctuaries. 

 Robin in Winter

Robin in Winter

I do love the Kingfisher for its striking colours (only photographed once which was awful quality) but the charming Robin is my favourite - they seem so full of character and really friendly. 

This Robin was at Brandon Marsh on an Icy winters day and was, like a few of them there, very used to people and not spooked by how close I got to him. 

He was just waiting on some food and they are happy to come close, even eating out of your hand if they trust you enough - truly a wonderful little bird that always makes me smile. 



Zebra Finch

This striking bird was taken at Stratford Butterfly Farm - another favourite place of mine. 

Obviously, most of my photos from there are of butterflies, but there are a few stunning birds to be seen if you keep your eyes peeled up in the trees, or listen out for them squawking.

On my last visit there I was really pleased to see this stunning little Zebra finch, such striking colours on show. 

There was around 10 of them, and they really caught my eye and were amazingly not too spooked by me, as I managed to get within 1 foot of them to get some great photos. 


The other photos below are of some birds of prey I have captured over the years - having visited a few sanctuaries.

There is something wonderfully majestic and impressive about these animals and to see them up close is something everyone should experience


Thank you for reading as always - please do share in the comments which is your favourite bird and why. 

I will leave you with one more photo of my favourite - the Robin. 

Hope you have a good weekend - if you would like to take a look at my gallery of prints you can do so here 

British Robin