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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Down on the Sea Shore...

There is definitely something special about being by the seaside - somewhere I always feel happy.

The waves rolling in, or crashing over the rocks, doesn't matter as long as you can hear the sea then life is good. 

This week it is a set of images rather than just the one - all of which were taken at different times, different beaches but all on a similar theme of just me, the camera and the sea, finding interesting things on the beach or using some things I bought along with me. 

Quite a few times I the camera almost ended up in the water, as it was resting on the sand until the last minute to capture what I wanted.  

This photo here was of a glass seashell I had from a craft shop - with a slow exposure that I initially thought would give the waves a milky appearance, but actually had this striking light effect, something I was very happy with indeed. 

Trying the pile of rocks thing..
Would have liked a brighter day in the background really

DownOnTheSeasshore (4).jpg

Then I tried out some letters for a contest that was running on Viewbug at the time... 

The last one is my favourite - just a good old fashioned seashell but I like the simplicity of it....hopefully you do too.   

As always, thanks for reading - and if you would like the seashell above as a print that is available here