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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Just sitting, watching flowers in the rain...

There is always something special about capturing flowers and nature after a rainfall -I believe it makes everything look better.

Raindrops on flowers, leaves, insects - anything - always adds something more to a photo. 

Quite often I have been out with the camera to Brandon, Memorial park, Ryton - just somewhere after it has rained, and sometimes during as well - and found that almost everyone else has disappeared which makes it even better.  

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This particular Saturday I had decided I would head to the memorial park - it had been raining all morning so I knew the flowers and trees would all look great.

As expected, I arrived and found hardly any cars around in the small car park off the leamington road side - chosen because there are some lovely garden areas around that spot. 

I had even found the perfect raindrop orbs on the red leaves which looked superb - the best ones were right in the tree area so hard to get to without disturbing and watching them roll off the leaf to the floor.

I spent about almost 2 hours walking around, some shots did not turn out how I wanted but a lot did - and now we are heading towards Winter, I am sure there will be plenty more rainy days for me to capture more shots like this....I do have something particular in mind as well which may need someones help to one of my friends who isn't adverse to rainy days may get a shout to see if they are free for a walk in the rain one day soon  

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