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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Feeding The Force...

This weeks image is of a beautiful river glade that feeds the stunning Aira force waterfall, which drops down into Ullswater in the lake district. 

This was taken way back in February of 2015, on the trip to the lake district with my good friend Martin, on the day before we got across to Whitehaven and nearly got snowed in - you can read that story here

We had found our way to Ullswater and the car park at the foot of this waterfall - got our walking boots on, cameras and tripods at the ready, and started off towards the waterfall. 

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 View from the first bridge we crossed - looking upstream as this went under our feet and into Ullswater

View from the first bridge we crossed - looking upstream as this went under our feet and into Ullswater

Now, you all know how how much I cannot cope with heights...and as soon as we had gone over the bridge above the pathway started climbing and climbing, with fairly substantial drops to my left and no barriers at all on most of it. Needless to say, I spent the whole walk up hugging the right hand side of the rock face, as far from the edge as I could be. 

But we made it to the foot of the waterfall itself - and it was great to see, but I never managed to capture the photograph I had hoped for in my head. 

So off we went, even higher up towards the bridge that went across the top of the falls. At this point we were really...really high up. However, kept on going and I am so glad I did, because once at the very top, following the path upstream is where we came across this spot which made the whole trip worthwhile. 

Martin and I setup and started capturing some long exposures to get this smooth effect you see of the water across the rocks, and this is something I always love to capture.  
As I mentioned on the previous lake district blog, it is definitely on my radar to go and visit again there was so many places we didn't get to...although I definitely want to go in the summer next time! 

Thanks for reading and as always if you would like this as a print for your home or office please click here 


FeedingTheForce (1 of 1).jpg