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Watch out for those combine harvesters!!!

Todays post is from a rather cloudy July day in 2016 - my good friend Martin & I had embarked on another adventure to try and get some interesting photos as always - the intention was for a lavender field and also a windmill.  

This field was on the site of Stevington windmill - and in all honesty I was so disappointed with it I never did anything with the photos I took, it was just such an uninteresting building from most angles and in what was the best shot below the bar at the top ruined it totally - some you win some you lose hey.  

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Stevington Windmill

So I decided to head out on into this field, with the lone tree and crops swaying in the wind to make the most of the dramatic clouds rolling across the sky. Went quite a way into it, and was actually crouching down to get some photos of the crops themselves with the tree lined up at the end when luckily Martin called out to me advising a sizeable combine harvester was heading my way, and quite quickly. 

Scrambled my way out the crops to the edge - and got a good bollocking off the farmer for being in the crops in the first place - so it was time to wrap up and head back home.

We had headed off to a nearby lavender field after this, but that was turned out to be even more disappointing as the fields were completely full of pickers - clearly to get the dream shot of the lavender fields that we had gone for would mean being at these places at first light. 

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