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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Moon on the Mersey

This week brings you a photo from a weekend trip away to see my great friends Vinny & Kerry way back in 2015, who live up in Wallasey across the Mersey from Liverpool.

We had been out for a few hours in the afternoon as Kerry had been been bought a new DSLR camera and really wanted to get out and about for a few photos and get some tips and tricks from me, and as for me - well as if I need an excuse!  

We spent some time down on the beach in the afternoon, with a lighthouse, lots of interesting views and also being across from the main ferry channel and port then watched the sun come down.

Then once dark had hit we drove down to a point across the Mersey from the City of Liverpool - the last thing we did before we headed off for some very much needed food & drink. 

There really is something about night photography that I love - the lights, the colours, the skies - it really is something amazing for me, and I would say tied as my favourite photography subject along with Macro Flowers photography. 

If you are a keen photographer - what is your favourite subject matter? Share in the comments below

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