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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

The Prancing Italian

Well this week I was looking through my previous posts and was quite surprised I hadn't yet wrote about this stunning Italian Spinone who belongs to a good friend of mine (Jan) - she owns a pair of Spinone, both of which are polar opposites both in appearance & personality.

Woody seen here is all enthusiasm, energy and drive, whereas his sister Barley is far more laid back, take it in her stride kind of girl. 

I always enjoy our annual catch up walking across the fields by Coombe Abbey - this image was from back in 2015 where we focused on fields, and there are a few on the bottom of this post from our both 2015 & our walk in 2016 where it was all about the water - sadly as always in life with one thing or another we haven't yet managed this year, but I think as Autumn beckons we will go for something with the glorious red & orange colours as our backdrop this year

As for this shot itself - its still one of my absolute favourites - because I positioned myself in the line of action and Jan would call Woody, and then he came flying towards her bounding through the crops = I shot a handful of photos of this jump, but this one just came out exactly how I intended. 
It is easily my most awarded photo to date as well, having been featured on the home page 3 times and also a contest finalist an amazing 5 times on Viewbug <<click the link for my profile, and when you consider the quality of images on there, and the fact most contests have over 10,000 entries, to make the final 15-25 is an achievement I am hugely proud of. 

 Prancing Italian

Prancing Italian

So lets see what Autumn brings - keep your eyes peeled for some new shots of these two stunning looking dogs, and as always if you would like to look at this and other similar prints take a look in this gallery here

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