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The Story Behind...

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Forget me nots...

I am always capturing flower photos - they are so much easier than wildlife as they really don't move so much, apart from if the wind is blowing a gale which makes it  nigh on impossible...  
It doesn't matter if its summer, winter, rain or shine they always make great subjects. 

For this photo however, I wanted to look at capturing something a little bit different than you can in nature, working with a host of different backgrounds and small flowers - and settled on these minuscule forget me nots flowers. 

The gentle blue tones worked really well with the soft pastel pink background - very calming tones that work really well. 

I am sure to experiment with a few more over the coming months - its good fun finding the right balance of tones and contrasts, sometimes bold colours work well, sometimes really calm pastels. 

If you are still reading - I would love to know what your favourite colour combinations are? Share in the comments or tweet me @ncpphotos

Thanks for reading as always and if you would like this as a print on your wall please click here 


Forget Me Nots