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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Don't come any closer!

This little yellow jacket was captured on a summers day - August bank holiday weekend in Blackpool in fact in the few hours I didn't either have a beer in my hand or was asleep. 

It was the same time as my earlier post about capturing my first ever dragonfly in flight - something I still haven't managed to repeat. 

My uncle and I were hoping to capture a dragonfly not native to the midlands region but as is always the case with nature, it rarely does as expected.

This didn't ruin the day though, with plenty of other dragonflies as well as bees, bugs, butterflies and wasps - we got plenty to be happy with. 

This wasp caught my eye as it was quite still whilst chewing up the wood of the fence it was on - so I closed in slowly so as not to startle him away.
I know they are the bane of everyones lives - but if you ever get chance to observe them up close I find them fascinating, with alien like eyes. 

Unlike usual this image is not available for print, after all who wants a 4 foot wasp on the wall!! However, if you would like to take a look at my full gallery of prints you can do so here 

The real close up crop of the wasp is below and as always thanks for reading