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The Story Behind...

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Summer Downpour...

As those who read my posts know I love time outdoors amongst nature - but there is definitely something extra special about the outdoors after a rainfall. 

Even more so in the Summertime - so the inspiration for this photo was such a downpour one Sunday afternoon back in July of 2015 as I knew it would present some fantastic photo opportunities - the stunning colours of the flowers in full bloom and the miniscule raindrops dangling from the petals. 

I knew the best place to head for as well in the Coventry Area, Ryton Organic Gardens. In June & July particularly the gardens really are full of colour. 

I have captured raindrops on flowers loads of times - but to get the reflection within the raindrop in camera just this once.
There is a technique of doing this in photoshop, and you may well have seen some photos like this with the perfect reflections in, even several of them....but personally I cannot see the point of that - each to their own, but I wanted to try and capture something by hand...which I have finally done here, as if you look closely in the single raindrop you can see all the yellow flowers in the background.

The warm sunny colours in this print always cheer me up too...and as always thanks for reading.
If you would like this as a print for your home or office please take a look here