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Sundown at Chesterton

So many of you will instantly recognise Chesterton Windmill - a place that every photographer in Warwickshire and beyond has been to at various times of the day and night. 

The windmill itself is a stunning 17th-century cylindric stone tower windmill with an arched base -as well as being a Grade I listed building - a well known landmark in South-East Warwickshire.

I have been to this site so many times myself - its offers so much across the different seasons and times you cannot help but go back and capture something new. Summer, winter, spring, rain & shine - and even night to capture star trails. 

Some of those other shots I have shared for you here to see. 


However, my favourite of them all is this sundown captured a few years ago now. Obviously, the image has been edited to show a pink sky where it was predominantly orange, purely as I was looking for something a bit more dramatic when I edited the image, after all this is such a widely photographed location it needed to be a bit different - and this is what I settled on. 

It appealed to me massively because not only was the contrasting colours something that really stood out, but i like the silhouette effect on the land and the windmill. 

Have you ever been there - its a superb location to see and something that is really very much on my radar this summer is to capture some more star trails, having done this before in the winter (easier to do as its dark so much earlier) but after losing feeling in my toes within an hour I knew that it would be preferable to be out late than get frostbite or hypothermia. Will just be looking out for the perfect combination of a New Moon and clear skies. 

As always thank you for reading and please take a look here if you would like this as a print for your home