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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

A day out.....with 1000s of other people!

So...another day....and another trip out. 

This time, my good friend Martin and I were heading out to Chatsworth house in the Peak District one Autumn afternoon.

It wasn't too far away - and seemingly had some good Autumn colours in the grounds from what we could see from the website. 

 The original image

The original image

After driving for around an hour we arrived at our destination, parked up and got the kit out the boot. 

One thing I noticed immediately - how busy the place was - and this brings me to the issue I have with so many "well known" places that often come up when looking for ideas for a new place to capture. 
Every man and his dog seem to be there too. 

So everywhere we went, there were at least two dozen people in the shot. Everywhere. With the house, with the interesting stone steps up the hill. Even walking through the wooded areas, dogs running everywhere, which just meant we were really hard pushed to get anything at all that was worthwhile! 

In the end the photo below is the one and only print I have from the day - and I have just left the red tree in colour because I like the way it pops out - ALL the other shots I was really unhappy with.

Moral of the story is that its really put me off visiting national trust or really "popular" places because I just cannot get what I want from a trip - photos that could make stunning wall art for people. 

Do you find that? Some places that you expect so much from that really disappoint? 
On the flip side, have you ever been to a place that gave so much more than you expected? 

Love to hear from you in the comments...and as always if you would like this as a print for you wall click here

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