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War re-enactment

I hadn't been on the lookout for something like this particularly - I was more interested in the Airshow element of the event in truth, see my previous post on that here

The event itself is called the Victory Show, and is held yearly in Cosby, Leicestershire - look it up if you would like to go and take a look. 

Anyway, after the obligatory queuing to get into the show of well over an hour I was really happy to get out and stretch my legs a bit before I got the camera bag out the car and set off to the first main thing of the day - the battle re-enactment itself. 

Now that was something amazing to see! It was so authentic, the people, machines, weapons - the attention to detail was astounding.
Explosions, smoke, gunfire - it all gave a sense of how terrifying it must have been to have been out on the battlefield when all of those things were real. 

After the battle had finished I had an hour or so before the Airshow started so took some time wandering around the displays and enjoying chatting to the guys & girls who put so much effort into making the day look amazing. 

Although I hadn't gone to see the war part of the show in particular, I would definitely go along to another event like this. 


Thanks for reading as always - there are a few photos from this event in my gallery here