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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Pistons 'n' Props

Having spent most of my time on flower, landscape and wildlife photography I decided one sunny weekend way back in September 2013 I would go and capture something very different. 

Having spent a few weeks looking at what was available - from hill climbs, to motocross events, I stumbled over a great event called Pistons N Props over in Northampton - and decided this would allow me to capture both cars and airplanes in action.

The website said head off early - however despite leaving around 8am and the site only being 45 minutes away, the traffic was queued solid so never made it into the venue until after 10:30, annoyingly I could hear the Spitfire display already going on and only caught the very tail end of it as I walked through the gates. Would have to wait until another aerial display to see that plane again 

Anyway - couldn't be helped - so I checked the schedule for the day and made sure I didn't miss out on any other of the events that would give me more opportunities to capture something interesting. 

The Wing Walkers were particularly impressive - spinning around while the plane they are strapped to performed a loop the loop!
Definitely not for me! There were some great vehicles racing on the drag strip.

One thing I have learned since going to this event and other car shows - is that these shows are always so, so crowded they really are a waste of time when trying to capture the cars when stationery - sadly they are always far too close together and almost impossible to capture without any people in the shot. 

As ever if you would like this as a print for your wall, or on a mug or a jigsaw please take a look here 

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