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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

An Autumn walk

This image is another of my most popular to date - I am proud that it is adorning the walls at both the Amethyst Centre and Orchard Business development's office as well as always selling well at craft fairs. 

It was taken on a perfect Autumn day in October 2014, the leaves had given that stunning carpet of red that makes it my favourite season - the colours you can capture are just magnificent with all of the reds and oranges always looking amazing.

memorial park

I wandered around most of the park trying to find the shot I wanted, the avenue of trees and it was when I got to this point (near the cafe in the middle) that I realised this was the perfect spot. 

Just the right covering of leaves on the ground, the trees and the path perfectly disappearing into the distance. I setup the tripod and over the course of an hour took a few images, some with and some without people. 

Once I got the images back home and edited them, surprisingly I decided the one with the few people walking their dogs added a human touch to the photo. Sometimes having people in landscape shots certainly completes the image, sometimes it ruins it. 

I also repeated the exact same image in Winter, and I had intended to do the same in Sprint and Summer, but every time I went back in those two other seasons since then I never got what I wanted, perhaps this year it will be different.
I think I may try the "spring" shot this week actually, too much earlier and the trees are still bare and look too much like Winter, then get the summer photo in late August. That way I would have a 4 seasons print collection of the memorial park.

As ever if you would like these as a print for your home or office then please click for either Autumn or Winter 

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 Autumn in the memorial park

Autumn in the memorial park

 Winter in the memorial park

Winter in the memorial park