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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

When its just so damn dull outside

Some days it really is just so damn dull, that the last thing I want to do is head outside with the camera. 

Not when its raining, snowing, foggy, icy or even dark storm clouds - all of those things are interesting. I am talking that grey, pale sky that just looks so....dull. 

Those are the days that are the worst for photography. There is no interest in the sky. No drama, no weather to speak off. 

It is on those days when sometimes I sit at home on a weekend, getting stir crazy and then start to think what I can setup to create some interesting photographs. 

So on one such day a few years ago, I was looking into things I could capture, ideas for home photo projects and the thing that jumped out at me was light painting. I have always been a huge fan of lights in photography, especially night shots which along with Macro (closeup) work are my two favourite types to capture. 

So I found a way of creating these light streaks using a long exposure on the camera - but needed a point of interest to make the image work. Having done this with a few other items such as an old camera, a laptop, a chess piece - it was when I tried one of my favourite photography props - a Crystal ball - that I knew I had hit gold. 

Obviously the lines reflected in the shot were white, but it was when processing the image afterwards I knew that creating a different colour would really make this work and this is how this was born. 

There are a few other coloured variants of this all of which I really like, but this orange one always stands out for me. 

As always thank you for reading - and if you would like this ultra modern print for your home or office