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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Night in my city

Decided I would take a wander through Coventry centre one cold Tuesday evening in December 2015 - a cool breeze blowing across my head.  

The night felt really calm, hardly anyone else around as I was heading across town - there were quite a few spots I had in mind that I wanted to capture, particularly around the cathedral area of the city.

Having started out across by Belgrade plaza I walked all round the edge towards the transport museum across to the cathedral. I was disappointed to see the arches by the Transport Museum were not lit up  - they used to be at one stage but haven't seen them like that for ages. 

I firstly went out to the front of the Cathedral and got a few nice captures from that area which you can see below - but it was when I started heading back that I had walked down this street from where you can see that I knew this would be my favourite capture of the night. 

No people were milling around and the night had some fast moving clouds, which along with the  dark of the night I knew it would be a good picture. I have taken out all other colour apart from blue as it just makes the whole thing work. 

Here are some of the other shots from that same night - there really is something about cities lit up at night that I love to capture. 


Thanks for reading and as always if you would like this as a print you can find it here