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The Story Behind...

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My favourite time of the day...

There really is something so special about sunrises (and sunsets) 

Definitely my favourite times of the day - pictures always look better with the light around this time of the day...whether its a warm orange glow, a cool blue tint or even some pinks and purples, it just adds something amazing.

The only downside is that its far easier to capture these times in winter with the shorter days but of course when it is so much colder, its no fun being outside in those temperatures, then in Summer when its enjoyable you have to be up before 5am or out gone half 10.

Anyway, I digress, this shot was captured on back in 2013 on a very cold December morning just under a week before Christmas Day at Brandon Marsh, that regular haunt of mine. 

  X Marks the spot

X Marks the spot

I had got there quite early just to take a walk around and see where I could capture a good sunrise and as I walked around near the newlands reed bed the sun was just peering over the horizon but there wasn't much in the way to add interest to the shot, then I spotted this small group of Teasels in front of me and I lined up the shot with the sun just at the foot of the image, and was really pleased with the silhouette effect in the image. 

As always I captured a few images of this, the reeds and the views during the sunrise but this has always been my favourite from that morning. 

As always thanks for reading - and if you would love this print click this link here


Teasel Dawn