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Take shelter...a storm is on the way...

I had been out photographing a house out near Coleshill (as I do a lot with my work for various estate agents in Warwickshire) and could see the clouds rolling in and the wind picking up. 

Never great weather to capture homes in because even though we can add a blue sky in afterwards when its pouring with rain it looks odd with a blue sky, but what can you do. No one likes to see a house with grey skies.

On the way up to the house I had spotted a lay by in the country lanes and these stunning yellow fields with a sole tree that I knew would make a good photo, but once I got back there and these wall of dramatic grey clouds rolling in I knew it would be even better.
The contrast between the dark skies and the golden yellow crops makes for such a great image...the only thing that was missing really would have been a bit of rain and perhaps some lightning, but not sure I would risk standing out in the middle of a field in a lightning storm - no photo is worth getting a few million volts on the top of the head. 

Its something I still haven't managed to capture - a lightning storm in full effect, because obviously its not enough to just capture some lightning on its own, I want the dramatic backdrop for it, and despite camping out in bird hides at Brandon several times we have been forecast storms they have never materialised. 

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