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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Marys Seashell

This stunning sculpture is on the new promenade in Cleveleys, a small town north of Blackpool. 

I had been meaning to capture this for some years now - as I visit Blackpool a few times a year to see family, but for one reason or another (ok ok, its mostly down to always ending up somewhere drinking beer!) I just never got the chance to go and capture it. 

St Marys Seashell

So, when I was up there with my Uncle Dave, who I thank for first introducing me to photography and was mentioned in my last post here, last August Bank Holiday we both agreed we would go and take a look at this, as there was both this seashell and a great ogre statue too. 

Fortunately it was an absolutely glorious day...pure blue sky and very warm too so we took a drive up the promenade until we found the new spot. 

Once parked up and we had unloaded all the kit out the boot we headed over to the beach itself, and were faced with a fairly common problem when photographing landmarks - way too many people milling around.
We had to wait around half an hour for the chance to capture the shot you see here, where no people were in shot or climbing through the giant seashell, which is enormous by the way - 8m long and 4m tall and weighs in at 16.5 tonnes, with words from the story of the Sea Swallow etched inside.
Once the tide goes out, you can climb inside and listen for the sounds of the sea and waves.

The blue in the water is reflected from the blue sky, although it has been lightened slightly in post processing to give it a lovely aqua tone. 

Take a look at the Ogre too - keeping watch over the beach...although it needs a clean as its covered in Moss but that certainly helped give its contrasting green colour. 

Thanks for reading - and if you would like one of these as a print for your home or office please take a look here for the Seashell or the Ogre 


The Ogre