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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

One freezing November dawn...

Fire in the sky

I headed out very early to the fields near Coombe Abbey in Coventry, those by the housing estate near the rear of the hospital, not down the main entrance driveway. 

Parked up about 7 on a freezing cold winters morning in late November, unpacked the kit, donned the hat, scarf, gloves and boots because it gets very cold stood around doing photos out in the open, then headed out across the fields.

I could see the sunrise was going to be a good one on the drive over so knew it would work out well for this shot, I had gone there specifically to capture this single tree image as I knew there were trees around these fields from having walked across them before and there were no other distractions in view such as buildings, roads or people. 

Over the course of the sunrise, I captured a few different images, some of a row of trees, some just the sunrise over the fields, some different angles of this same tree, but it was this one that stood out for me....the starkness of the tree against the fire of a new dawn directly behind it.
The image has of course been post processed to emphasise how orange the sunrise felt when I took the shot that morning, the whole sky had a warm glow to it.

Once this was captured I headed back home, there wasn't anything else I wanted to capture that day and I really needed a hot cup of tea and some toast to get warm again. 

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