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In flight capture...

There are two insects I always enjoy capturing more than any other - butterflies and dragonflies.
Both of which always make great photos, although the dragonflies are a lot harder to capture given they are so much quicker and land a lot less. 

This was a sunny August Bank holiday weekend in Blackpool, visiting Family and I was taking a walk around a local nature reserve to see what could be found - with my Auntie Wendy (not a photographer) and Uncle Dave (very good photographer).

Between much laughter and jokes we did stumble across a whole range of wildlife...but when we were near some of the pools on the reserve we spotted this magnificent dragonfly hawking across the pond - and he was flying in a set path back and forth... 

Hawker in Flight

Now if you have never seen one of these insects, they move incredibly quickly, always changing direction and are incredibly hard to capture.
I had my macro lens on my camera to capture the detail required - but try as I might the camera simply would not auto focus on the I switched to manual focus...and tracked him across the pond a few times. 
Once I had his path sorted I tried a few times with no joy, but on the 3rd time I nailed it, perfect focus manually - something I was and still am really delighted with. 

Looking forward to trying some more this coming summer, most dragonflies emerge around from May onwards.

Thanks for reading - hope you are having a good day whatever you are doing


In flight dragonfly