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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

A bird of prey...on a mostly gloomy day

This week I bring you a stunning bird of prey (I wish I knew which one exactly but sadly cannot recall) 

It was a fairly dull Sunday and I had set out with a couple of friends, Martin & Simon - with the intention of capturing some hill climbing race cars. 

We checked the address on the site, put the details in the satnav and set off. 
After about 45 minutes we had turned up at the destination, only to find nothing of the sort in the place the nav had taken us - instead we were just surrounded by houses somewhere past Evesham.
After checking the phones we realised that the first address on the website was wrong, delving further down the event we wanted was actually in Telford - which was now 2 hours away.

So plans in tatters we found a McDonalds...time for early lunch & 3 of us scouring local venues to see if we could find another place to spend the afternoon. 

Amazingly, there was a whole raft of places that popped up. Crocodiles of the world was the most surprising one - but we opted for Cotswold Falconry which was around 15 minutes away. 

By this point the weather was even worse, really dull and drizzling...but we ventured there anyway. 

As the day went quite dull while the displays were happening the action shots never paid off...but annoyingly it brightened up a little after so the static photos turned out really well...and this one I think is my favourite of the day. 

Hopefully we can revisit on a much brighter, sunnier day and get some really crisp in flight shots... 

Thanks for reading.