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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Lady Godiva

Being a Coventry lad this was always something I had to capture for my gallery...but making it different enough was challenging, given how many people have photos of this already. 

I decided to head into the city centre one quiet Thursday evening in the Autumn of 2014...still light but the day was disappearing quickly.

Having sized up the statue it was apparent that unless I got lower down, I would end up with one of the buildings around it being in the shot, cathedral lanes, primark, etc - something I absolutely didn't want - it had to be the statue alone.   

So despite getting some odd looks I got down on the floor, using the flip screen on the camera (a welcome addition sometimes as this stopped me actually lying flat on the floor and probably having people trample or trip over me) and lined the photo up. 

Once the image filled the frame I knew I had hit gold - and once back at the laptop I tweaked a few things until I settled on giving the whole shot a sky blue tint, after all its the Sky Blue city....and that is how I got to this shot. 

It also made the front cover (and a month) within the Coventry Evening Telegraph 2016 calendar, something I was hugely proud of at the time. 

Thanks for reading and if you would love to have this as a print you can do so here