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Evesham & the riverside crew

Another weekend...another trip out with my great friend & photography buddy, Martin. 

This time we had decided on venturing out towards Evesham to get some night shots - having seen what the River Avon looked like after dark there it was promising to be a great trip. 

Got there around 2pm and took a walk around the church and gardens by the river.
Wasn't happy with any shots, the light and the view really didn't do anything for me.
So we decided to grab a quick bite to eat and wait in the car while we waited for the night to creep in - being a chilly September day meant we weren't waiting out too late for that. 

However on the walk back to the car we walked past a very, very rough looking crowd of guys drinking beer on the river bank - while Martin & I had several grand of kit in our hands. It felt a tense moment as they looked at us and the costly kit we had in our hands. 

Luckily passed through unscathed but we were both  wary of going back once night had fallen if they were still down there after all just two of us and around 10 of them did not make good odds. Very frustrating wait in the car while we waited for total dark and I kept diving out the car and taking a look - guys were all still there. 

We were on the brink of giving up after all no shot is worth risking a beating and losing all your kit over when I took one last look around 8pm, and amazingly they had all gone.
Took a walk up and down the path, not a soul to be seen. 

Relief because it was something I really wanted to capture and would have been so gutted to go all that way for nothing. 

Kit back out the car and after taking a few shots I then found myself lying down on the towpath of the river to get this shot - the brilliant lights in the trees reflected in the water just looked truly amazing. 

If you get chance to take a walk along the River Avon in Evesham at night its worth it - just make sure you check who is around first! 

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