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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Cruising down the Thames

As most of you will most likely recognise, this photo was taken in London.  
It had been something that had been on my radar for a while so one fairly cold Tuesday in October 2014 I decided to take the plunge and just head down on a whim... 

Took a quick look at the train costs - well over £150 for a return ticket from decided to drive to Milton Keynes and hop on the train there, where it was a mere £28 including Tube Travel (what a difference!)

Got to Milton Keynes around 10am, and in all honesty I drove around for a car parking space for that long I was now 10 minutes walk from the station and very much on the brink of giving up and just coming home - until a space appeared at the very last minute. 

By this point, I was actually feeling very fed up indeed - but grabbed the camera bag and trudged off to the on the train and once I had my coffee and some food I was feeling more excited about the whole day. 

Got into Euston and then checked my hastily drawn plans as to where I was headed - so a quick tube journey to Notting Hill gate then pretty much walk all across London to the Tower of London (the Poppy display was in its last few weeks and the real driving reason for going down there but thats a post for another time) 

Capturing plenty of landmarks on the way, Albert Hall, Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Serpentine, Horse Guard parade and on and on...but looking back now I honestly was not at all enamored by London in the day with the Tower or London poppy picture the only one I really liked.

So after walking all day I stopped for some much needed food around 5pm - ready to recharge and then capture London at night, I had intended on getting the train back around 10pm and fortunately as it was October the sun had gone down and it was dark at just after 6pm so I had a good few hours to grab some photos. 

Now - London at night is an entirely different prospect.
All of my favourite shots from this trip were taken after dark had fallen, the place just comes alive. Everything looked amazing. 
Yet of all those night shots I still think is my favourite - purely because I was on Tower Bridge and watching these boat cruises come down and knew it would make a great photo. 

Once I got the shot and looked on the screen I even did a little jig on the bridge, I knew I was really pleased with what I had got....even if knowing what I do know I could go back and improve on it - which is something I am hoping to get round to doing later this year. 

Then after an amazing evening I jumped back on the tube and then on the train back to Milton Keynes - exhausted but knowing I was happy with my day out in the big smoke eventually getting home just before midnight. Even being that tired, I knew I had to have a first glance at the images I had taken so loaded them on the laptop and spent an hour just quickly scanning through them.
Went to bed looking forward to editing properly on the Wednesday and sharing with people.  

Next time I visit I hope to capture a few spots I had not got time to visit - Thames barrier, St Pauls, Canary Wharf and maybe revisit these places too so I can get a new take on some of these images. 

Thanks for reading

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