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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Now that's a close call

I had wanted to get out to an airshow for ages and was keeping an eye out for one close to me when I found this great event being held in Cosby outside Leicester, around 45 minutes from home. 

It was a World War 2 re-enactment as well as a full airshow, with Spitfires, Merlins and was also full of military vehicles from WW2 from tanks to sidecars...keep an eye out for a post on that side of it in the coming weeks.

Of all the displays that day, from tanks firing to spitfires and merlins roaring overhead - all of which were incredibly impressive, it was the courage and skill of these pilots that astounded me. They were within a few feet of each other and the bright blue summer sky just perfected the picture...something that was amazing to see and I will certainly get to another display this summer. 

As always if you would love this as a print for your home or office please take a look here 

Whats the best airshow you have been to? Most impressive display? Remeber to keep an eye eye out for future posts about other pictures taken at this same event.

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