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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

On Golden Pond

This is still my personal favourite photo of all the thousands I have taken to date and adorns my bedroom wall as a 4 foot canvas - I find the image so tranquil.

Whenever anyone sees this photo I always ask them if they know where it is and most answer with the far east, Thailand etc - but amazingly it was taken in Leicestershire! I had been over in Bradgate Park all day capturing the stunning wild deer that you can get very close to. It was a cold snowy day and there were a few images that were alright but being honest I wasn't totally delighted with anything I had captured . 

Got back in the car and headed home before it got dark and as I turned out the park and drove past Cropston Reservoir...I glanced to the right this sunset just looked amazing so I knew I had to stop and capture it...pulled over next to the reservoir and got all the camera kit back out. 

Went for a few different spots but the one with the Jetty coming in from the right and then the hut and a fisherman in the boat just past the Hut really worked for drew the eye into that spot and the warm golden tones are something I love.

I have even been back a few times to the same place, but nothing I captured was anywhere near as good as this shot for me so have given up returning there in the future and will stick to hunting for my new favourite photo elsewhere but it will take some doing. 

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