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City of Culture 2021: Coventry

What else could I possibly share but a post on our amazing city winning City Of Culture for 2021 - its just such an awesome announcement that will truly transform the Sky Blue City at the heart of the country. 

I feel privileged that I have been to several great local events and met the people behind this drive to transform Coventry for all of us. To see the passion and drive they have shown and the involvement of so many people in the city to support this campaign has really made me proud to be part of this, to do my little bit, to meet all of these people and share the same passion for the city

Imagine the influx of people coming to visit us, all the additional revenue our local businesses will get....which will benefit all of us when people are coming here in their thousands to enjoy all that we have to offer. Exciting times indeed. 

I want to send a sincere and genuine thank you to all of the amazing people I have met over the years of Networking for all the support, friendship and help you have all offered me and for being part of such a phenomenal business community. 

Here is to the next 4 exciting years and beyond :-)