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Zooming into Xmas

I love Christmas (not before 1st december though!) and really enjoy getting in the spirit of things once we hit December. Xmas music in the car, the house, decorations up and lights on the tree always on. 

I have also photographed lots of Xmas things in the past so last year I wanted to try something a bit different and go for something with much more impact and spent a long time trying this with lots of different baubles and ornaments but this was the one that worked the best...


As the Xmas decorations are all out again for this year I am looking for some fresh inspiration to capture something eye catching again so keep your eyes peeled for something new, although the days are flying past so quickly who knows when I will get a few spare hours to spend on this, its not a quick job thats for sure. 
Here is another previous Xmas photo, this one won a challenge on Viewbug last year as well. 

Thanks for reading as always

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