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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

On the boardwalk

It has been a long, Long time since I had been out on a photography trip, so this was something I was really really looking forward to.

Spent Saturday afternoon charging up the batteries, checking I had memory cards, filters, tripod and everything else I could imagine.

Sunday morning up bright and early, good breakfast and then headed towards wales, the first stop being TalyBont waterfalls (another story behind post to follow on that soon) knowing the end of the day would be spent on Penarth pier. 

It was a shot I had wanted to capture for some years now - a really traditional looking pier, empty of people - in monochrome.

I had hoped that the trip to the Victorian pier in Clevedon last year would have got me the shot I wanted, but the damn pier was shut for renovations so I leapt at the chance to try again.  

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We arrived in Penarth around 3pm but drove around for half hour trying to get parked up, arriving just in time to see the sunset behind the town, which I then setup to capture from the pier.

The colours were really stunning, warm pinks and purples casting a lovely tone over the coastline and the lights of the town adding to the scene.

There were still some people down on what was left of the beach as the tide was in, skimming stones across the sea despite it being a pretty cold evening. 


Then once the sun had gone down I setup to capture the shot I had wanted for ages which is below - centrally placed on the pier at night, no people, no drama. I had to wait a short while for people to disappear but there wasn't too many around anyway....

To say I am happy with this is an understatement - I think this will be getting printed and going on my wall as a Xmas present to myself.  


If you would like this as a print for yourself you can order it here 

Thank you for reading as always