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Walking in a winter wonderland

When we had a real blast of snow a few weeks ago I was quite excited - it isn't something that happens very often at all so I really wanted to get out and capture some great photos with the camera

However, I hadn't budgeted for it being so bad I couldn't even get the car out of its parking space, it was just sliding around all over the place so after 20 minutes of trying I gave up and resigned myself to capturing something a bit more local. 

So after grabbing the red umbrella from the porch, I had an idea I thought would work well.
The girls and I walked down the road to the woods that start at one end of my street....and headed in - with the odd snowball being launched whilst we were walking of course then setup the shots I wanted in the woods. 

I must thank my amazing daughters for their patience with me for these photos...I kept asking them to just walk slowly away from me with the umbrella so I could capture that movement and contrast of colour with the monotone of the snow and the vivid red of the umbrella.
It was exactly the kind of shot I had been thinking of for some time so I was really pleased to have had the opportunity to capture the sort of thing I wanted. 

I even tried the umbrella just on its own, which I think works quite well too...was definitely happy with the outcome. 

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Although I must admit I was glad when the snow disappeared a few days later, it may be lovely to look at but it makes life very tricky for getting around. 

If you would like one of these images as a print for your home or office, you can find them in the colour pop gallery here

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