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Was excited that I finally got the chance to capture the amazing lit up trams in Blackpool, my second home. I had gone up for half term break and had been having an amazing week and on the Thursday night we knew the heritage trams were all on the promenade, so I battled my way through the rush hour traffic from south shore all the way up to Bispham to see them, hoping I would get a better view of them than at south shore. 

There were definitely less people around Bispham tram stop - I got myself a prime position at the end of the station and could see the trams coming down the track, first of all was the boat with stunning blue lights.

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The trams really did look impressive trundling northwards to the turning point - it was when they were heading back that I had a particular shot in mind. 
The event had said the trams turned at Bispham, but after they went past it became apparent they were turning much further up, so the shot I had really hoped for where the tram was stationery then pulled out the station didn't come to fruition.
I am really happy with the shot below but it wasn't what I had in mind - we would have had the outline of the tram at the nearest point to us and then all those lights streaking off to the distance. Maybe next year. 

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Then I headed back towards the tower to capture that famous landmark as well as some dodgem cars randomly trundling down the promenade with lots of smoke as well all to great effect. 

Thanks for reading and as always, you can check out my print gallery here or blackpool prints here 


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