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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Twisted view of the world

This week brings you something from another world. The photo itself was taken back in early October wandering around that favourite haunt of mine, Brandon Marsh Nature reserve 

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The day was fairly uneventful in the scheme of things, just a few dragonflies dotted around but nothing really settling to capture a snap of. 

I was near the halfway point when I just decided to wander down to the side of one of the pools I don't normally go to and liked how the trees all lined up and cast a reflection in the still waters. 

The original image was ok in the scheme of things, but nothing special really so whilst just doing what I always do and putting a creative twist on old photos one night I tried turning this into the unusual colours you see above. I have to admit to really liking it, because its not totally unreal in that you will find trees in many shades of red and skies are often blue - yet its apparent that this isn't a natural photo. 

I hope you like it too - if you would love this as a print you can take a look here 

Thanks for reading as always