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The Birdman of Birmingham

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Last week I shared a post about Autumn being my favourite season - you can read more about that here....

The top image on that post, which you can see here, was what preceded me capturing one of my favourite shots to date, what I refer to as the Birdman of Birmingham.

It was only as I was heading back towards the car, already very happy with what I had captured, that I spotted this man walking towards the lake about 50 feet to my left.

He had a carrier bag with him and all the Canada geese and Gulls had already started making a racket and heading his way as soon as he appeared.  It was obvious they recognised the man, no doubt part of his daily ritual, as the commotion just got louder and more frantic - and I only had a few seconds to focus and snap a few shots. 

There is something I really love about the feeling of this image - it feels like it has some real character to it. Captures that sense of commotion and action that I was witnessing - whilst all the time the man was very still, calm and obviously happy in what he was doing. Something he must get great personal satisfaction from every day and I was delighted I captured this glimpse into his life. 

Birdman of Birmingham

The melee that ensued was something to see - and the sound of all the geese and gulls swarming around to get their food was impressive too. I didn't stay around to see much more, as I knew I had the shot I wanted and headed back up to the car, homeward bound to get a nice hot brew and some chocolate - and go through my photos to see what I had got from the day. 

I have got this available as a print - you can find that here....

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