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The Story Behind...

The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Daybreak on the Avon

One of my favourite local places to capture photos - Stratford upon Avon. The River, the architecture, the statues - so many things to capture and looks so different at different times of the day too. 

This weeks image is one I took at sunrise on a chilly Tuesday February morning this year...I had some appointments later in the morning in Stratford anyway so wanted to get a few sunrise photos before the day started....and there were lovely colours in the sky....pinks and blues... 

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There was the usual amount of Swans on the avon and although there were a few people around it always feels nice and tranquil early around the Avon and the theatre. 

I walked all the way down the path to the weir and back again catching different views - I think my favourite from the morning is this one...the way the light had caught the front of the Theatre really makes it for me...against the cold blue sky and river. 

 Sunrise glow on the theatre

Sunrise glow on the theatre

There will be more moments from Stratford in the coming weeks, amazingly I haven't shared any in my story behind the image series to date. 

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