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The story behind each my works of art...I will share a new post every week 

Misty morning in Kenilworth

Having seen the weather was going to be misty and foggy the next morning I thought I would give Abbey fields in Kenilworth a visit to see what I could capture. 

It was on a cold Monday morning back in November 2015 and I arrived around 8am on Fieldgate lane, grabbed the camera from the boot then strolled down the path into the fields...the mist was swirling around about 20 feet in front of me and you could hear a pin drop - not a soul around at all. 

Fog rolling in

The further I went into abbey fields, the more eerie the place became. There wasn't a single soul. Didn't hear a dog running around. No people chattering. Nothing at all. 

By this point I had reached the park area near the swimming baths - and felt it would be a cool photo to capture the abandoned park, swing moving in the stillness. 

Creepy Swing

I then walked further round towards the church yard and captured the view towards the fields where the benches are and all of this time, there was still not a soul around. It was only when I almost got back to my car, after around 90 minutes of taking photos, that someone appeared out of the mist, walking their dog. 

 The fog rolling around beyond the trees - enjoying the solitude in Abbey Fields

The fog rolling around beyond the trees - enjoying the solitude in Abbey Fields

Will keep my eyes peeled this winter again for the fog and mist rolling in, I love the effect it gives photos and have a specific few photos in mind I want to capture, but it all relies on the right timing (ie the weather happening when I have the free time to go) and that seems something not easy to match up. 

Thanks for reading as always - do you love foggy days too? If you would like the top image as a print you can get that here, or have a look at my full gallery here.