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Dawn on the welsh coast

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These was taken back in March of 2017, but it feels so much longer ago than that. 

All taken on the coastline of Aberywsyth as I took advantage of being there for an router installation job and decided I would get there early to capture some photos down on the coast.

Obviously being on the west of Britain there wouldn't be that traditional sunrise photo but early morning images are great to capture regardless. 

Having left home around half 4 I quite enjoyed the drive out, the roads were quiet, the car was cosy and I had a coffee in the cup holder to sip at as I made my way through winding the welsh roads. 

Having arrived just before 8am I had a good stretch and unpacked the camera and tripod from the boot and walked down to the pebble beach. I had even taken one of my favourite photo props, the glass orb. As you can see from above this flips the background upside down which adds a twist to the image. 

It was a stunning town and somewhere I would liked to have been able to spend more time in - the colourful homes on the front, the fantastic church near the promenade and the brilliant Marina too.

The dawn itself had a really cool feel to it, misty and blue which I really looked to capture in my photo. I was also, amazingly, the only person on the whole beach so it really conveyed the feeling of isolation, tranquility to was a moment of total silence...

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Thank you for reading as always - the photo above is available as a print on this link