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My Photography Story.....Part 1

It all started just over 5 years ago - capturing a few raindrops in my parents back garden after an April shower back in 2012, using a compact camera I had been bought for Xmas. 

Just spent an hour in the garden, trying to capture some interesting snaps of things, but all I could really find were raindrops and ladybirds. 

Gave up then and went back in - quite happy with my raindrops shot most of all. 

I signed up with a great website called Viewbug - a place to share your images and received critique, comments, likes and even awards. I remember being absolutely blown away by the quality of the images on there - something that really inspired me to keep improving, knowing one day I wanted to be capturing images as good as those top photographers. 

Got out and about around Brandon Marsh with my uncle a few times and really enjoyed it but found myself getting frustrated with the restrictions of the little compact camera I had. It simply couldn't capture anything like how the image looked in my head. 

So around January 2013 I treated myself to a late Xmas present and bought my first DSLR, a Canon 650D and a 55-250mm zoom lens, something that would give me some flexibility with nature photography. 
The difference between the compact and this camera was huge - I noticed immediately the quality of my images improve. 

After spending a few months practicing, mostly just around Brandon Marsh given the massive variety of subjects there are, I decided I would look into whether I could turn something I enjoyed so much into a business, after all there were quite a few others doing this already. 

After some market research - collating information on approx 100 photographers within Warwickshire - I remember that as a percentage there was around 90 who were wedding photographers, with the other 10 being family or commercial.
This really cemented the direction I would go in with my business - I never wanted to do weddings anyway because one of the main reasons to get into photography was to move away from a stressful environment (which I had in my I.T career) and weddings are such high pressure, one off events and this made me feel far better about getting into an arena that wasn't quite as saturated. 

So back in April 2014 while still working full time as a Technical Account Manager for an IT company, I formed the business as a limited company and started with designing my own website and logo...back when I did these I thought they were amazing - looking back on them now both were awful. 

Cannot even recall where I got it designed to be honest, but I had a variety of different colours in the logo that I was going to use for different services - orange for commercial, blue for architectural, red for profile pictures etc. 

The website was also something I designed myself - again it was something that looking back just didn't work but I put it online and lived with it for a year, before realising it simply was not doing me any favours at all. The stats said there were a lot of visitors but not one call was received. 

I spent the next 12 months networking in the evening and weekends, connecting with people on Twitter and Facebook and trying to build some awareness of my new business and in April 2015 I was called and offered a contract doing property photography - so I found myself in a position to go full time with the business. This was it...taking the plunge.... 

Thanks for reading so far...and please do keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 soon...



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