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Ran my first ever workshop...and loved it

Was very happy to be asked to run my first ever workshop recently.
Not just my first ever photography workshop, but the first time I have ever formally stood up in front of a group of people and instructed them on a subject. 

I made sure there wasn't a single single book in sight - and we only spent 10 minutes going through a few slides on the basics of aperture, shutter speed etc in the barn at Brandon Marsh before all 14 people (the 15th person dropped out very last minute) were asked to get their cameras and get out there. 

My first challenge for them all was to get their camera into Manual mode - because nothing makes you learn how the various settings all interact with each other than having to be in control of all of them rather than relying on the camera to adjust something. 

It was quite challenging to ensure I got round to everyone, but I managed to speak to each "student" at least twice in our 3 hour session and made sure that all of them got something from the workshop. 

The whole experience was very rewarding - and it was definitely something I would look to do again.

My teaching style -  to just get out and do it and then learn as you go along - may well not suit everyone, but as long as there is no really studious types who want to discuss things in great depth and read books on future workshops, then I am sure it will all go very well. 

Thanks for reading - and if you like to get out snapping and want to get more from your camera get in touch perhaps we can arrange a 1-2-1 workshop or join the summer session.