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Why your profile picture matters...and what to do about it

Getting a professional head shot is such an easy thing to do - it does not cost a lot and a professional photo really does show you in your very best light.

So why do so many many business people not put the effort in & still resort to having poor quality images on their websites, social media & marketing materials. 

All the effort that goes into business logos, branding, websites and even the wording - yet I repeatedly see people with awful quality images, both of themselves and their business service or product. 

Just look at this collection of genuine profile pictures from LinkedIN, all of these people portray themselves in a really bad light, their images are unprofessional, poor quality, contain other people or even just a random hand, or are not even the right way up. 

 Actual LinkedIN Profile Pictures!! 

Actual LinkedIN Profile Pictures!! 

So why do it!? Why allow all your efforts elsewhere to be undone by this - people make a decision on whether they want to deal with you in around 10 seconds, and your profile picture is the first thing so many people will see. 

So, in a bid to help you out - here are some tips to help you get a better profile picture. 

  1. NO "selfies" - we all know at least 1 person who can take the photograph for you, ask them!!
  2. Keep it Professional - Save pictures of you with your child, dog, car or a beer for facebook. Your business linkedIN and Twitter profiles are no such place.  
  3. Relevant - Make sure the image only has you in it, and is relevant to your line of business..if in doubt, a clean, light coloured wall as a backdrop will do.
  4. Recent - the picture must be a recent image of you. Don't have that shot of you from the 90s because when you turn up for the meeting no one will know who you are!
  5. Well Lit - Make sure where you are taking the image is very well lit - ideally with all round natural light. Facing towards the light will ensure your face is well lit naturally as long as the sun isn't causing you to squint to see properly of course!.
  6. Avoid flash - as per above I always find that unless you have a high quality professional flash kit that these images look washed out with camera phone or compact camera flashes.
  7. Keep it simple. The more you try and do the harder it will become.

I really hope these tips help you achieve an image you love - but if you would rather leave it to a professional please do get get in touch - 07539 964808 - and I will be happy to discuss your requirements and see how I can help you.
I will come to your home or office in Warwickshire or the West Midlands and capture stunning head-shots you will be delighted with, all done at your convenience. 

Thanks for reading
Neil Porter
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