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Happy World Wildlife Day

Its definitely a big goal in my life to get to some of our planets more exotic locations and capture the amazing wildlife we have...

The big 5 are an obvious choice - to go on safari one day would be amazing...
Beyond that would love to get to some remote locations and capture some amazing wildlife both in and out the UK.
A pack of wild wolves would be amazing, any sort of bears - obviously I would need a very long zoom lens because no way I am getting close to them! 

Even just to capture some different varieties of butterflies and dragonflies around Britain and the world would be amazing - those two insects are just stunning creatures that I love to try and photograph.

For now I enjoy capturing the stunning array of animals and insects that we have all around us in Britain.

What are your favourite animals of all? 
Its a tough one but I would go with Otters in the water, Tigers on the land and Puffins in the air.