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Reliving old memories & creating new ones

I spent some time recently looking through some old photos my parents had in one of their hundreds of photo albums and it made me realise that these photos would remain unseen by so many people if they were just stuck in that album, so I scanned them in and shared them within my family facebook group. Everyone has loved to see them and remember our relatives no longer with us from days gone by. 
So if you have some old photos gathering dust somewhere that have never been in digital format - get them out, take a look through them and then scan them in and share them with your loved ones who are further afield via Facebook.

I blogged last year on how we should print out photos more and share them because the whole experience is so much more rewarding with a physical photo to look at than a screen - however we can't always be with people we want to share photos with, so scanning printed photos in allows your friends & family who are further afield to enjoy them too. 

When I take family photographs now its great to think that these are the memories people will be cherishing in years to come, that I will have captured special moments that people will be looking back on in years to come - telling their grandkids about what they used to look like when they were younger, where they lived and other things about their lives.