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Floors should never be see through

 Switched on Electrical in Coventry, Ben, Paul & Dan

Switched on Electrical in Coventry, Ben, Paul & Dan

Spent some time capturing a variety of photos for Paul and the Switched on Electrical team.
We were working at one of their clients, the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry City Centre. 

Got some great shots of the guys working on the lighting as well as group shots and individual headshots. 

However, one of them involved something that had all the guys laughing at me as I tried to get across this walkway. It was two floors up and I have vertigo so the whole thing was so disconcerting it was ridiculous...
step by step holding onto the wall for dear to the far corner where I needed to be for the shot and I was shaking because a few shots ended up blurred so had to up the shutter speed. 
Then I walked back towards solid flooring and stepped on a metal plate that moved a lot which really didn't help - heart definitely skipped a beat. 

Not happy about having to walk across this - floors should be solid not see through! 

Hoping the next shoot we do doesn't involve any heights again - feet firmly on solid ground for me please. 

Have you ever had to do something you were scared of in the course of work?

Thanks for reading