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Not falling for that again...

Happy New Year everyone I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and a great New Year. 

I really enjoyed having some downtime myself - I admit have done hardly anything regarding the business all over Christmas and for that I am really grateful. Feeling very refreshed and motivated for the year ahead.

The biggest difference over the break is that unlike last year I did not spend many hours setting goals for the year ahead.
Instead I have gone right back to basics on that front. 
I have simply worked out what I financially need to achieve, both for my monthly living costs and to achieve some security within my business, which in turn has given me the level of work required each day/week/month - and this is the barometer I will measure my success against.  
All the other goals, dreams, targets and aims are out the window, because I simply believe that all of the goals I set myself last year caused nothing but distraction, frustration at failure to achieve, constant stress on why I wasn't achieving them and more. 

So, controversial as it no doubt will be with so many because goals are seen as the "be all and end all" but I believe less time spent focusing on such elaborate "goals" and more time spent actually doing, just simply taking positive actions and being quick to identify when an approach is not working and adjust it accordingly will reap rewards. 
For example, since firing up the laptop yesterday morning I have already chased up 5 prospects from last year, got another great review on my Facebook page, wrote this blog, created and shared my family photo shoot facebook post and then boosted it getting a reach of over 3000 already, shared 2 linkedIn published posts into 10 different groups and enquired about 2 craft fairs. 

So in summary the overarching point I am making here is.
Take Action, not constant procrastination. JFDI. 

However I appreciate so many thrive on goals - so however you approach 2017 I wish you the most successful year yet. 

Thanks for reading