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Dedication...thats what you need...

Great day at the FSB Business Expo at the Belgrade - met some new people and caught up with some existing friends - Karen at Socially Shared, Lou from Spaghetti Agency where my steady hands meant I beat the buzz game for the second time now, Sandra Garlick at her Women Who awards stand, Marie from Certanovo, Rachel from OptHR, Ian O Donnell, Michelle & Stuart from Adecs, Helen from Risk Evolves - all involved in running some great local business. 

The main reason for this blog was the fantastic Keynote Speech by Emma Heathcote James from the little soap company

Was truly inspiring to hear of the challenges she faced and overcame and the sacrifices made in making a success of her business, attending every market fair going, driving to an office and sitting in a reception all day just to get the name of a buyer that she needed to speak with. 

Was something I can relate to but it also made me realise that I could definitely do even more which is in line with my approach for this year (see previous blog) - it really reinforced for me that success does not come easy, its persistence and massive effort that pays off - her business is now hugely successful and I am much happier with how my business is doing as it approaches its 3rd year in existence.

Without my awesome family and friends supporting me, with their time, advice, sharing my content and even on occasions helping me financially - then the truth is my business simply wouldn't still be here and for that I am massively grateful - but here I still am and I am determined that my 3rd year as a business is going to be the best one ever.

Most of all I appreciate each and every one of you who has become a client of mine and look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future, and also to getting many more new clients in the coming months and years.

So here is to an epic 2017 and if you are struggling just remember giving up achieves nothing - get out there, get hold of the person you need to speak to, get hold of the business you need. Get things done.  

Thanks for reading