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5 Highlights from my first year in business

1.       Survived my first full year…
Top of the list. Just making it to my first full year working in just my business, which was on 5th April 2016, was my best achievement of all. The highest percentage of businesses fail in the first year, so I was absolutely delighted to get past this milestone.
Yes it has not been easy and some months I didn't have a bean to my name….but I always knew I would make it through, and with relentless hard work and the support of my amazing family and friends I did.
Not even the toughest of times had I ever wanted to give it up and go back to working for someone else.
My Photography business and me, we are both here to stay.

2.       Met an amazing group of local business owners…
who I now consider my friends, and they would never have been in my life if I hadn't started my own business.

3.       Being asked to guest host covhour (twice) 

I know how much Jo treasures her on-line ‘baby’ so to be asked to host this felt a real privilege. 
As one of several local “twitter hours” and is absolutely great at connecting Coventry businesses and I am proud to have hosted it.

4.       Tried & ditched Periscope, because sometimes…. 
you just need to not get caught up in the latest fad & remained focus on what you are doing.  
It just did not sit well with me and I was glad I had the resilience to ignore the push from several sources telling me I HAVE to be using it and just get on with focusing on what worked for me - however if there was a highlight it had to be the 45 minute conversation about Cheese one evening with Social Media Todd and several others. Very funny indeed. 

5.     Receiving recognition for my Macro Photography… 
I was delighted to win an international competition and get a free years membership of the society of photographers, and also had another image featured on the BBC website in world in close up Gallery.
Macro photography is a real favourite - showcasing things and detail that are normally not seen by people as they get on with their lives.