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"Analog" prints in a Digital Age

When was the last time you got your photographs printed?

We live in a digital age, all of us have countless pictures as our devices can store so many, and we may share them on social media once then forget...and onto the next set.

Why not pause for a moment and instead of these pictures lying forever unseen on a hard drive, get your favourites printed out - have something tangible, permanent and easy to share with family & friends instead of scrolling through 1000s of images to find that one you want.
Even choosing the pictures you want to print can be a fun experience...

I did this recently, chose and printed out 300 pictures, and my two young daughters love nothing more than to sit together and talk about the pictures, what we were doing, how they remember it - get those magical memories back...they also enjoy these printed pictures far more than looking at them on a screen. 
It is also good to see how stunning images look when printed out with a high gloss finish.

I would also like to recommend Gary at the Coventry Photo Centre in Earlsdon, would be great to support a local business while doing so - he is a great guy offering a top notch service.